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For over a decade Northern Ohio Inspections has been inspecting homes, buildings and property as well as testing for radon and carbon monoxide exposure and has provided construction management services for many clients.

Our employees have over 40 years of inspection, testing and construction management experience and Anthony Russo is a certified Residential Building Inspector and Class III Buiding Inspector with  The State of Ohio Board of Building Standards and has been a licensed radon tester with The Ohio Department of Health.

 At Northern Ohio Inspections, we believe that our credentials with The State Of Ohio are unsurpassed and our longevity for over a decade as a bonafide inspection, testing and consulting firm is our badge that we wear with honor.   

We offer our services not only within a fifty mile radius of Cleveland, but tackle small jobs and large ones as well. We have inspected and tested small houses and large, condominiums, apartment buildings and commercial buildings valued in the millions.

What sets us apart from our competition is that our inspectors and testers have many years of experience and credentials as well. Yet, we are not a large corporation so we can be competitive and are flexible to be of service to virtually any need that you may have. We are very responsive and usually available without a long lead time.

Continuing education is a requirement to maintain certification with The State of Ohio, so our team is current about new things and changes in our field.

You will have to look long and hard to find another inspection and testing company that includes employees who are State of Ohio certified and therefore qualified to be employed by any municipality building department in The State of Ohio as a Residential Building Inspector and Building Inspector, be it Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo or Youngstown.

Who we are

Knowledgeable Home & Building Experts

 Northern Ohio Inspections is an inspection, testing and consulting firm that provide services to Cleveland, Ohio and suburbs within a fifty mile radius. We have provided residential, commercial and  industrial inspections, radon testing, carbon monoxide testing and construction management services for over a decade. Anthony Russo is the Owner and President with over 40 years of construction inspection and management experience. He is currently certified by The State of Ohio Board of Building Standards as a Residential Building Inspector as well as Building Inspector, and was licensed by The State of Ohio Department of Health as a Radon Tester. He is a member of BOCONEO

Credentials & Experience Set The Bar

 Anthony Russo holds a  Civil/Architectural Engineering degree and his 40 plus years of experience includes Quality Control Inspector for The E.M. Barracks Complex at Fort Leonard Wood, Project Manager at The Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Vice President of Construction for a large general contractor in the Cleveland area and Inspector for the foundations at The Cleveland Medical Mart/Convention Center and Inspector at The Ohio Turnpike. He also has been employed by a top Cleveland suburb home builder as Estimating and Purchasing Manager for eight years. 

When necessary, the inspection may include of team of specialty inspectors including electrical, HVAC, roofing and sitework experts. We endeavor to go above and beyond to provide the best and most thorough possible.

A Solid Team

 All inspectors, testers and consultants for Northern Ohio Inspections have similar credentials, mostly equal to or exceeding those of Owner and President, Anthony Russo. 

Our Services

 Our services consist of inspections, testing and construction management for residential, commercial, industrial and virtually any other needs as required. In addition to many homes and condominiums, we have inspected and tested apartment buildings, industrial and commercial buildings and property as well. 

Our Promise

 Our credentials are unmatched and we assure you that you will receive an accurate and unbiased report. We have been registered, certified and licensed by The State of Ohio and therefore we are committed and obligated to report precise and accurate results to you.

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